How Much Will it Cost to Sell?

Selling or Buying Your Home?

We Give Fast and Stress-Free Results.

Selling or buying real estate can be a nightmare experience if not managed professionally.  Our full service support team will manage and process your transactions quickly and totally hassle free.   We eliminate Stress, Frustration and Problems.  Recent surveys show that the average real estate transaction requires over 500 telephone calls.

To eliminate delays and uncertainty, communication has to be constant between the Listing and Selling offices and their Agents, the Mortgage Broker, Lawyer, Appraiser, Home Inspector, Surveyor and various Associations.  But most of all, YOU need to be updated regularly with a progress report.  In that way, you can accurately and confidently plan your future, which is really what counts. So whether you're selling or buying a home, please call us for assistance.  

We can be reached at anytime at (519) 979-1717

How We Can Help You

We have 3 plans that you can choose from starting with our Seller Assisted “A” Plan at only 1%. That can add up to huge savings!

But, greater news is that our Full MLS, Full Service fee is only 4 ½ %. When we come over to your home we will explain exactly how all of the plans work, how much it will cost and how much you will save!

Why would you spend up to or over a thousand dollars to a marketing company to be by yourself and have a good chance that your home still won’t sell?

How Long Will it Take to Sell?

Our expert Sales Representatives combined with our unique sales program give you the advantage of knowing that your home will sell in less time than the average time period of the MLS system.

We hope you got that. Some homes expire for various reasons which means that they did not sell. The owners’ hopes and dreams never got to be finalized. But, with our system you have the best chance of selling your home fast AND saving money in the process.